Monday, June 1, 2009

BenQ monitor with No Power.

BenQ lcd monitor with No Power Light on.
Today came in an Lcd Monitor for repair.

Branded BenQ.

Made in korea.
model: FP567
It's a 15inch lcd monitor.

Opened up the back cover and found power board very clean.
Looks ok
No burnt marks.
No bulging capacitors.
No leaking capacitors.
Everything looks perfect.

Took out pcboard and have a closer look for any cracks,
torn out links, cracked components, overheated coils, etc...
Even the soldering looks perfect.

Next, took out my multimeter, checked the main fuse for continuity.
Measured a few diodes, power Transistors, etc.

When I was turning the board over,
I accidentally pressed on one of the Transistors.
It bent easily. On closer look, all three legs came off loose.
It had severe dry solder joints.
So I pressed on all the Transistors to check on loose solder.
All eight components came out loose.
I did a clean surface soldering on most of the components.

Cleaned up with some thinner solution and leave it to dry.

Next, fitted the main pcboard back.
Applied AC power and found display lights up with the words "No Signal"
Woh....that's great.
No need to change any components.
Just reflow some soldering done.

Fixed back the back cover and have it soak tested.
After an hour's use on my computer, I declared it good to use again.

There I have a happy customer today.


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