Sunday, December 16, 2007

cont on How to repair my Acer lcd monitor.

sorry folks......
I do not know how to edit my blog.
As I am still learning and trying my best to get some repair tips across,
I hope you can bear with me on my learning process.

so we continue from last week on this Acer lcd monitor model AL1511 with
no power supply in.

Here is the picture of
the back cover removed.

And another picture
with the metal protection
removed. So you can see the
2 boards exposed.
Next picture you will see a closer look at the power pcb board.

In case you cannot see it clearly,
please email me so I can send
you a bigger picture of it.

This is the actual picture of
the faulthy power board.
I have checked the fuse,
which is in good condition.
Next I plug in the AC power cord
which is the main power supply
going into the pcb board.
Then I measured the big capacitor with
a multimeter switched to DC volts.
Here I obtained a measurement of 325 volts dc. Note that if you use
an analog multimeter, you must observe the polarity of the big capacitor.
For an analog multimeter, use the red probe on the positive and the black
probe at the negative polarity of the big capacitor.
From the picture the big capacitor is at the top right corner.
If you use a digital multimeter, you do not need to observe the polarity.
Then I will continue to check the diodes and transistors.
I will also observe if there's any capacitors burst or leaking
which you can see with your naked eyes.
Look out for any burnt out components.

Do you noticed that there's two components with heat sinks
in this picture?
These 2 are double diodes.
There's 2 diodes inside each component, housed in the same
One of the diodes is shorted.
You can checked it out with your multimeter.
It shows continuity.

This is the shorted diode.
Only 1 diode is shorted.
I replaced it and power it on.
The set then works perfectly.

Here is the display after assembling it back.

I do hope you enjoy my troubleshooting tips.

Do visit my webside often to check out more

monitor troubleshooting tips.

Good luck on your monitor repairs.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

How To Repair ACER lcd Monitor with no power

I began to start to observe the set.
Look at the picture.
Comes in no power at all.
Next picture shows the back portion.

Does this set looks familiar?
Acer model AL1511.

ok... Let's remove the 3 back screws.

Do you notice the screws?
Once removed, you can slide out the stand.
It is quite heavy.

Now let's pry open the back cover.

From the picture, can you see the clips holding the front cover. Just pry open all the clips top to bottom and at both sides.

Here's the cover removed.
Inside you can see some press button switches.
These are normal switches you can find in most lcd monitors.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

How To Repair ACER lcd Monitor with no power

A customer just brought into my workshop an ACER lcd monitor for
repair. It is a complete dead set. No Power so of course no display.
Normally I would plug it into an AC outlet to confirm if there's
really no power supply going in. Next I would check it's power cable.


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